Iceland soon!

Hello Foxes,

As Adeline and Mhairi I am introducing myself given that I will be volunteer in the Fox Center this summer.

My name is Camille, I am 27 years old, and coming from France.

I will be in Iceland for 2 weeks before coming to the center, between the 23rd of May and the 22nd of June. With my friend we are planning to hike as much as possible to discover this country and, of course, try to see a lot of wildlife. It is one of the reasons I always wanted to come in Iceland. I am fascinated by animals; in fact it is my job to study them as I am a biologist in behavioral ecology; and nature in general.

Can’t wait to be there.


PS: Adeline, I don’t know when you will arrive in Iceland, but if you want to join us for traveling and hiking you’re really welcome


Getting ready for Iceland

Hello there Fox Pack!  

Following Adeline’s example and posting a wee introductory post!
My name is Mhairi, I’m 21, and if you didn’t already guess from my use of the word “wee” I’m coming from Scotland!  I’m due to start at the center on the 12th of May and will be there till around the 30th.  I am so excited to come to Iceland and the center!  Foxes are beyond a doubt my favourite animal and while I have seen many of the beautiful red foxes, I am yet to see any arctic foxes, so hopefully my time at the Arctic Fox Center can rectify this!  I’m only just now starting to get my head around the fact I’ll be flying out so soon, as I’ve just finished my final year at university, so I’m still spending most of my days catching up on all the sleep I’ve missed out on while doing my dissertation project.  But I have now booked my flights and am starting to prepare my list of things I need to buy and bring with me, first on the list is a camera, which I will probably go out to get after I’ve finished writing this post!

I really cannot wait to come and meet everyone and the foxes!  Just under 4 weeks to go!


P.s. I realise that my name is perhaps going to cause a lot of confusion as to how to pronounce it as it’s Gaelic…in a Scottish accent it’s ‘mah-ray’ but I have no idea how this will translate to other languages- but we will work it out! 🙂

One month away from landing in Iceland!

Hello dear members of the 2015 Fox Pack!

As Midge suggested, here is a little entry to introduce myself and share a little bit already before we meet in Sudavik!

My name is Adeline, 27 years old, and coming from France.

In exactly one month, I’ll take my plane to Reykjavik. I just can’t wait!!! I am very excited to meet you all as well as the foxes! And at the same time, I have soooo much to do until then… Such as… selling all my furniture in my apartment and making it all empty and clean (yes, because when I’m back from Iceland, I’m actually leaving again, so, I am giving up my apartment at the end of the month..), and of course,  buying a new tent and all the stuff I’ll have to put in my backpack for my survival! That makes it more and more real!

Now I am starting counting the days… Mixed feeling of excitement, and anxiety because of all the stuff I absolutely need to be done BEFORE I leave. And also, a little bit of sadness because I’ll have to leave my own “foxes” for 6 weeks for the first time in our lives! (Dazou & Dolgane, Border Collie foxes, age 7). But well, I know  I am going to live an awesome experience 🙂

My own "foxes" in France...
My own “foxes” in France…

My volunteering work at the Arctic Fox Center starts on 19th May until 8th June! Yes, I did plan to stay longer to enjoy the rest of the country! I will stay in Iceland from 6th May to 19th June. So, by the way, in case some of you also have some flexibility and wish to go hiking anywhere in beautiful Iceland… well, just let me know! My plans are to do a lot of couchsurfing, hitch-hiking and to explore as much as I can… without too much planning in advance… Adventure!

What about you all? Where do you come from? When and how long do you come?

Looking forward to meet Iceland, and all the members of the Fox pack of Sudavik!!!