Being a Kitchen Fox

Being a Kitchen Fox

Becoming and Arctic Fox Centre Volunteer means becoming part of the of the Fox Pack. In the Fox Pack you will encounter different kinds of foxes. There is the Scientific Research Fox and its Helper Foxes, there is the Museum Guide Fox, the Café Fox, the Bureaucracy Fox, the Fox Feeding Fox, the Sign Writing Fox, the Gardening Fox, the Break Having Fox and so many more. They are all over the place. As you can see, there are plenty of them, sometimes it might be one person being one Fox and sometimes it might be another one being a lot of different Foxes during one single day. In my lovely and enjoyable and amazing and giving and much wished back time at the Melrakkasetur Íslands I happened to be some of them. And there is one special kind I want to write about: the Kitchen Fox!

The kitchen Fox is a really busy Fox, that has a lot of chores to do, like baking yummy cakes and waffles and making icing sugar foxes.

IMG_3351     IMG_3463     IMG_3465 

 IMG_3356     IMG_3284

It will encounter massive amounts of cream and homemade rhubarb jam and pieces of cake.

IMG_3282     IMG_3286     IMG_3283

IMG_3491     IMG_3355     IMG_3293

There is always a lot to do, but Foxes love to be lazy! The work hard and play hard and won’t miss a relaxing break.

IMG_3389     IMG_3381

or a chance for a little chat through the window.


And of course there is always time for other nice things! Kitchen Foxes and all the other ones love Fox-made croissants and apparently can be a little greedy.

IMG_3383     IMG_3385      IMG_3401

IMG_3394     IMG_3404

They might even do things that are not necessarily part of their life. It could happen that Kitchen Foxes want to be Dandlelion Honey Foxes.

IMG_3374      IMG_3359   

IMG_3365     IMG_3367

Or even a Foxes On Cups Drawing Fox.

IMG_3495     IMG_3494     IMG_3496

And after a day inside the kitchen, some Kitchen Foxes decide to become Hiking Foxes for a while and let their eyes wander through the beautiful nature of their home and their souls rest.

IMG_3436     IMG_3454     IMG_3448

IMG_3423     IMG_3434

As you can see, there is a lot happening in the life of the Kitchen Fox and all the other family members. Being part of the Fox Pack, being one of these fury little creatures with funny thoughts is an experience, that’s one of a kind. And it makes me very happy to be able to call myself a Fox, even if I am a – for this year – retired Fox.

But do you know the main feature of a Fox Pack Fox? Maybe you have already heard about it: they always come back!

And never forget: