It’s nearly time!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Emma, aged 20 and I’m from the UK

I have wanted to visit Iceland for a very long time, I’ve heard so many amazing stories from friends, it sounds like such a magical place! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone at the Arctic Fox centre and the foxes and having a fun couple of weeks together.

I have finished university now for the year (I am studying a fine art course) so I am packing up my art things- little sketchbook and paints, mini printing roller, plastic sheet and camera- so I can be inspired by the landscape of the Westfjords! The only challenge now is to fit all of this into my rucksack along with my camping equipment! I am hoping to visit the National Gallery and Museum in Reykjavik on Sunday before my flight over to Isafjordur as I would love to see some work from Icelandic artists.


I am used to seeing plenty of cheeky urban foxes around London, even a family with three cubs living in our overgrown back garden last summer, but I have never seen the Arctic Fox and am so intrigued by this amazing creature.

Can’t wait to be there Sunday!

Emma 🙂


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